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Halloween is in the air !!!!!:D

Now comes the time for the witches favorite time of year, Halloween also known as the Samhain !! The time when you can be blown out of the broom closet and walk the streets with wand in hand 🙂 I hope you all take this wonderful opportunity to let your deepest fantasies show, whether it be a vampire, witch,elf,dragon,mermaid, or gnome, may you all lavish in the darkness just this once 😉 Enjoy this Hallows eve and Stay Safe !

For a bit of Halloween History CHeck Out :

I will be making a seperate post “Samhain” to get more in depth with the spirit of our pagan sabbath.

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There is magic everwere 🙂 if you just look close enough to see it


Be your own light


In the midst of sorrow darkness falls over, and our pain feeds it making the blanket that much thicker,heavier. To the point were its nearly impossible to breath, panic sets in and clostraphobia crushes you.

Now breathe, close your eyes despite the fact that its already dark and remember a better time, when you were a kid, hiding from your parents, sneaking under those heavy dark blankets and giggling thinking they couldn’t find you. Remember how unafraid you were, how in there youd imagine fairies, dragons and they would come to be. Think of how no matter the horrors of the world , you could close your eyes and be safe, in the very world of dragons youd made before. The timeless sanctuary that is yours and only yours, the one place you are always safe. Close your eyes, smile, the blankets are gone, now open them, and see the stars, the fairies, the dragons, the waltzing flowers, the singing dandelions, the painting fireflies, the flying mermaids, the ever so annoying rabbit with the broken watch. Even the real world cant hurt you here, you are safe, just breath, and remember.