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Give Thanks

In this wonderful time of year we have  the oportunity to give thanks for all that goes unnoticed throughout the year. From the smallest thank you’s for a stranger holding a door open, to the thank you’s to our devoted parents for the struggles they went through raising us. When I was fifteen and in the hospital for depression,addiction, and anxiety disorder I learned to have an apretiation for the little things i brushed off and my illnesses took from me. Like feeling the relief in your lungs at a breath of fresh air, or the emotions of humor when a joke is told, and even the feeling of embarasment in akward situations. When your soul and body are so fragile a butterflies wing could turn you to ash, there is no room for anything other than pain. An eternal black abyss. There is no eating,sleeping,relaxing,laughing,crying, or even emotional pain. The pain I speak of is one only those who have experienced this can understand. Its a pain that runs in your blood and through your entire being. The screams of agony that left my mouth were not of physical pain, but the pain of limbo. The instinct to scream when your in the dark and no one is near. I entered the rehabilitattion and behavioral medicine center on halloween. And with constant therapy and treatment I was begining to eat, sleep, walk. Nothing remarkable to an outsider, but an amazing acomplishment for someone in the position i was in. My dear friend and at the time group leader made us write a list of the things we are greatful for. We had fifteen minuites and then it was time to share….. These young people who had once been greedy for substance and lustful of money were thankful for the things that i realized were truley precious. These young people with little to no will to live were greatful for the air they breath, the water bottle they gave us before our session, the small chuckle we were able to muster, the flashof embarasment we were able to feel in our bellies, the hot dog we struggles to finish, the walk we took from our rooms to the restroom, the mismatched socks we were wearing, the pen that i could feel in my hand, and the beating vessel pumping in my chest that fought every second of every day against this darkness to live. We all go through things in life, some worse than others, most of us are hit with the harshness of darkness when we least expect it. There are things we go through that are cruel and should never have had to go through such things, but they happen. Everyone has been through war or has one to come. By the time death holds our hand we will be covered in the scars and blood of the world we fought to live in. We are all born, We all live, and We all die. I give thanks for my mothers hand that holds mine when i need comfort, for the flowers in my yard, the ants that annoy me in the summer, the water that cleanses me every day. I am greatful for this heart that never gave up, and became Phoenix from ash. Give thanks to your eyes that open every day, your lungs that breath and your heart that works tirelessly and continuously to give you another day.


“You say grace before meals. All right. But I say grace before the concert and the opera, and grace before the play and pantomime, and grace before I open a book, and grace before sketching, painting, swimming, fencing, boxing, walking, playing, dancing and grace before I dip the pen in the ink.” — G. K. Chesterton

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” — Cynthia Ozick

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.” — Richard Bach

“Two kinds of gratitude: The sudden kind we feel for what we take; the larger kind we feel for what we give.” — Edwin Arlington Robinson

Blood of my sisters

(old poem repost, it felt fit for the mood i was in)


→ ←

The world has made a mockery of us

Turned us into an impossibility

A joke

Cackles and chuckles at the mere thought

A child’s tale


The children speak true

Mock myth when its present before your eyes

Feed yourself ignorance

Denial burns in their eyes


What brought us here is seen as myth

Do I look like myth?

Are these eyes stirrings of fairy dust ?

I am real as you

Flesh of man

Soul of earth

Daughter of magic

Daughter of power

Daughter of wisdom

The earth is my mother

Why do you snicker?

Preposterous you say ?!

You worship one you cannot see!

I see my goddess

In everything

We are not a joke

Be wise

Tread carefully

Respect as I respect you

You mock me again

Im brought back

Back to a time of magic running red

Like rivers of wine



Pointless attempt at purification

Drums of war in the hearts of the ignorant

Following the word of one man

One mans word

Red velvet flies

Its everywhere


Myth being tortured

Consumed by pain





Touched of our sin

Touched of our freedom



Wine falls from my sisters

Screams from my sisters

Agony from my sisters

Myth you say ?!

You come to me and demand I follow your way ?!

The light?!

The truth?!

Do not speak to me of light you hypocrite!

Do not speak to me of truth you ignorant fool!

Wine falls of my sisters

Screams of my sisters

Agony of my sisters

And you call it myth?

Do not walk upon us with your face of righteousness

Waiving your tainted flag , and call me sinner

My only sin is being free

But I guess it is in freedom that most often find sin

Crazy? Maybe

Liar? Never

I know what I am

And if you could muster some sort of vision youd see

You know too

Treat us as what we are




One mans word

Your peoples blood spilled in the attempt to follow it

See us

See us

We are not of Satan

He is your creation not ours

We are ” inpure” as you

Our sisters and brothers of man

Our kind

One kind

( I was angry but I wanted to share, I mean no disrespect to any one however if I have offended you I apologize please let me know and I will remove it )

To Our Fallen Sisters


To our sisters that have passed, our sisters that are,and those to come, blessed be.

I believe in honoring our fallen sisters, whether it have been by fire in the burning times or death in sleep, nomatter how brutal or peaceful the death may have been i feel we are all connected by magic. The same electricity that ran through our ancestors veins , runs through ours, and will do the same for those to come.
Have respect and kindness towards our sisters that are for we wont always be here, never leave someone with negativity . Us that are of the now must be the example for those to come, in todays world witches are a mockery, a fashion style, or a form of rebellion. The misconceptions and ignorance about us is shocking but ever through this there are some who have kept to the peace, understood the meaning of the sacred earth, and appreciate what magic is. I hope the witches of today stay united and learn from eachother so that our beliefs can live on for our descendants 🙂

And for those to come, they will be the creation of their surroundings , if we want the best we must be the best example 🙂

We are each a vital thread in the blanket that is earth , we all need eachother. So again i say , to our sisters that that have passed, those that are, and those that will be. Blessed be 🙂