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Ishtar : Ancient Godesses

So my professor and I had an interesting debate regarding Mesopotamian and Gobekli Tepe Godesses. In his opinion the concept of a goddess who is both creature and human was the worshipers way of literally seeing their goddess. He also believes that the worship of a goddess who is to be feared and loved was primitive and a basic view of religion.

I , however , disagree. In my opinion the artistic view of Ishtar as half animal half human was a metaphor, as in, perhaps the peoples thought that she was one with the earth and with nature. The idea of a goddess being both good and evil is ,in my opinion, a very advanced way of thinking. Most modern day religions put only one of the two characteristics in each god, few seem to carry the quality of both. The human element of wrong and right doing in a goddess makes her seem more relatable authentic, an understanding of the balance between dark and light within all people .

I’m curious as to what you think? COMMENT ! ­čÖé